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Below is a list of document that will be explained in detail during the 12-for-Life interview. Each of the documents listed below can be downloaded and printed. To access the links to download the forms, please click on the blue icon in the top right of this page. The name of the icon is "Application and Hiring Paperwork".     

  1. Emergency Release of Student form
  2. Student Call in Phone Numbers (Important 12-for-Life phone numbers)
  3. 12-for-Life Student Drug Screen Consent Form
  4. Southwire Drug Screening Authorization
  5. Tanner Consent/Acknowledgment Form
  6. 12-for-Life Work Consent Form
  7. Sowthwre Gym Waver Form (Agreement of Indemnity and Covenant Not To Sue)
  8. (CTAE) Career Technical Agracultur Education Job Training Plan
  9. Work Based Learning Student Training Agreement
  10. Work Based Learning Parent/Guardian Training Agreement
  11. Work based Learning Employer Training Agreement
  12. Parent Consent to be Contacted about Work Attendance