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Student Hiring Process

  1. Students who have completed the application process will recieve a call from 12-for-Life to schedule an interview. Parents/Students will be given two options for interview sessions. Usually the sessions are at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the same day.

Interview Day

  1. Students will complete an online Southwire job application
  2. Students will need a personal email account to be able to complete the online application. 
  3. Students will meet with the 12-for-Life Site-supervisor to complete necessary paperwork for the 12-for-Life Program and Southwire employment. 
  4. After completing the Southwire application and 12-for-Life paperwork, students will go to Tanner Urgent Care in Carrollton for drug and hearing screening. 

Orientation Day

  1. Students will complete online employment documents and be presented Southwire's employee handbook.
  2. Students will meet with the Site-Supervisor for an overview of the 12-for-Life Student Handbook. Students will also meet with the school counselor for scheduling information. 
  3. Lunch will be provided on Orientation Day. 

First Day of Work

  1. Students will begin their first week of work with a safety orientation. Remember, students must attend every day of the first week of work.