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Student Application Process

  1. High school counselors identify student candidates for 12-for-Life. Students can request an application from their counselor. 
  2. Students will complete 12-for-Life application with a parent, guardian or counselor.
  3. Completed applications is turned into high school counselor.
  4. High school counselor completes the bottom half of the second page of the application and evaluates the applicant using the 12-for-Life rubric. 
  5. The counselor will sacn and email completed applications and rubric to 12-for-Life's Site-supervisor.
  6. 12-for-Life's Site-supervisor along with the 12-for-Life faculty will select applicants based on rubric score and Southwire's need for employees. Selected applicatns will be called to schedule an interview. This will begin the student's hiring process.