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Rachel Kakesh Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Chemistry, Physics


I graduated with a BS in Biology (chemistry minor) from Shorter College in 2000 and a MS in Forensic Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2002.


I taught at Villa Rica High School from 2008-2010. Then I was at Crossroads Academy from 2010-2012. I have been at 12 for Life from 2012 until now!


Rachel Kakesh began her career working as a laboratory assistant and research assistant at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Immunogenetic DNA Diagnostic Laboratory. She quickly realized that while she loved science, the isolation of lab work and the repetition of clinical work was not where her heart lay. She chose to revisit her childhood dream of becoming a teacher and sharing her love of science with others. She made the decision to change careers. Beginning her teaching career at Villa Rica High School, she quickly discovered a love of teaching teenagers. During those early years, she primarily taught students that had previously been unsuccessful in science. She took great pleasure in helping these “at-risk” students. Mrs. Kakesh’s next assignment was to teach at the alternative school, Crossroads Academy. She found it rewarding to work with students who had made a mistake and help them get their graduation plan back on track. It was, however, at 12-for-Life that Mrs. Kakesh found the group of students that she could best serve. During her time there, she has taken great joy in teaching Chemistry and Physics to students who did not believe they were “smart” enough to take those classes. She has helped her students better understand how the world works and how science affects their daily lives. Mrs. Kakesh  has also enjoyed having the opportunity to share the success of 12-for-Life  with teachers from around the country by presenting on her classes at several conferences.