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Joel  Grubbs
Site Supervisor
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Principal's Corner


Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for visiting the 12 for Life website! 12 for Life is a partnership between Southwire Company and the Carroll County School System established in 2007 to provide unique opportunities for high school students 16 years of age and older. The program offers a variety of services for students by connecting the classroom to real-world work experiences, while teaching the importance of a strong work ethic, excellent attendance, exemplary behavior, positive attitude, and teamwork.

Over the last 11 years, 12 for Life has served over 2400 students. Those who have completed the program have earned credits for high school graduation while gaining exposure to accelerated STEM education and working in paid positions with Southwire. The graduation rate for all students in the system has increased from 65% to 87%, and from 55% to 86% for economically disadvantaged students. One goal of 12 for Life is for students to graduate from high school with relevant experiences that have prepared them to be successful in the workplace and college.

If your student is in high school and not yet 16, the Carroll County School System also has two programs in place to prepare students for 12 for Life. These are called Step into STEM and Full STEAM Ahead and are based at the South College and Career Academy. Students attend selected core classes for part of the day in a setting that connects the classroom standards with experiences related to business and industry. These programs are funded through grants by the Georgia Governor's Office of Student Achievement. 

The supervisors, faculty, and staff of 12 for Life are excited to work with your student. Please feel free to email us if you would like more information about 12 for Life, Step into STEM, or Full STEAM Ahead!


Joel Grubbs